What’s the ROI on AI recruitment services?

Imagine slogging through a mountain of CVs, the clock ticking away as you attempt to identify the top talent for your client. You’re overburdened with menial tasks, and strategic initiatives are left waiting. You’re not alone. Recruiters everywhere face this conundrum daily. The recruitment landscape—until recently—has been a true test of endurance.

Case studies uncovered

For every 100 applications received, meticulous tasks demanded nearly a full working week

  • Initial Application Processing: 8+ hours

  • Interview Scheduling: 5+ hours

  • Candidate Screening: 7 hours

  • Submission Notes Creation: 2 hours

This meant more than 20 hours of manpower dedicated purely to administrative chores for every 100 applicants — time that could otherwise be spent on more significant, value-adding activities like placements.

The AI Transformation in Recruiting

Enter AI powered recruitment services—a game-changer that has revolutionized recruitment processes with automated solutions. AI does not simply replicate traditional practices; it refines and elevates them, offering efficiencies previously unimaginable.

Consider the capacity of AI to speedily process the same 100 applications. Industry-leading AI solutions are offered at competitive prices, and if we take $2,250 per month (a conservative entry-level package that handles 1,000 applications) we find the cost of processing and screening 100 applications drops to just $225*

*($2250/1000 x 100 = $225)

When we dig deeper into a case study the results speak for themselves:

  • Up to 60% of applicants screened

  • Up to 40% of screened applicants advanced (24 of the original 100) in our example above.

Suddenly, soft costs can now be lowered below the typical advertising cost per applicant in a very scalable way.

That’s not just change— that’s transformation…

Comparative Cost Analysis Traditional vs. AI-Driven Recruitment

An offshore recruiter will cost up to $20 an hour, summing up to approximately $400 for this body of work, not accounting for potential quality and communication issues.

The standard onshore employee hourly cost for 20 hours of recruitment work would be around $580, with a fully burdened cost of up to $750.

In the past, I have built recruitment functions for light industrial staffing companies using offshore teams and was proud of the level of automation we implemented.

However, the cost per applicant processed was never as low as $2.25. Additionally, our teams were only able to reach and screen around 10-20% of applicants via phone calls and we knew we were dropping a large % of applicants on the ground.

Extending AI’s Value Beyond Savings

Remarkably, AI’s benefits extend without proportionally increasing costs:

  • Automated Feedback – Providing personalized feedback can eat up additional hours; AI handles this effortlessly.

  • Enhanced Screening Capacity – AI’s ability to screen more applicants translates to added hours saved.

  • Additional Submission Notes – Creating valuable submission notes for more candidates means further time saved and more chances to make placements.

Through these value-adding activities, AI’s utility grants an extra 1000 minutes (over 16 hours) of productivity without the premium price tag.

The Tip of the Iceberg

The true potential of AI in recruitment surfaces when considering strategic initiatives.

  • Reduced “Time to submit” timelines from application toscreening to candidate presentations give companies an edge in the talent acquisition race.

  • Efficient Resource Allocation – By screening viable candidates quickly, AI ensures efforts are directed toward quality engagements.

  • Enhanced Recruitment Experience – Feedback to every applicant enhances the employer brand.

The Unparalleled ROI of AI in Recruitment

Conclusively, for staffing leaders, the ROI of AI recruitment services is unmistakable. It saves a considerable 20 hours on routine tasks for every 100 applications handled and offers additional strategic benefits at a fraction of the cost.

AI in recruitment is not just an operational choice; it’s an imperative for competitive advantage in the modern job market.

Is your organization ready to glide into the future with AI recruitment services?

The ROI awaits…

Sources: Case study link available on request.