Thank you to the public builders

I frequently see former colleagues or connections taking it upon themselves to “Build in Public” and in my mind I’m reasonably sure that the main intended beneficiary of this activity is themselves I also want to applaud vehemently the act of doing so.

You see, in my life I have been fortunate to learn an incredible amount from my experience and the experiences of many smarter than me, and occasionally I have an opportunity to share this with those who seek my opinion or help. I’m grateful in the knowledge that my help, insight and experience have a profound and positive impact in almost every case, but these are small in number.

What warms my soul, is seeing my connections share their journey – not as novices, but as experienced and already successful leaders talking from experience as they encounter milestones and challenges that for them are recognisable from the past, and in these moments, frequently, they offer concise well scripted and insightful lessons that I can confirm are, each one, years of wisdom in 5 minutes.

The level of incredible wisdom shared on this platform in particular is mind boggling, and I applaud with fervor the creators of this valued trend while at the same time wince at those who talk about success and knowledge with gated walls that you should pay in some form to see behind.

I hope you know who you are if you come across this letter of gratitude. Your bravery and honesty is appreciated!