It’s like having a million expert recruiters on your team…

Providing the best candidate experience on demand. Glyde provides an end-to-end AI-powered recruiting platform designed to automate and optimize talent attraction and screening. We help recruitment teams scale hiring efforts while improving applicant quality and reducing costs.

Finally, quality engagement at scale is possible.

Glyde tackles the root cause of waste in hiring by addressing the biggest complaints candidates have about the hiring process. We enable a quality candidate experience at scale beyond what recruiting teams were previously capable of.

Uncover more suitable candidates faster and at scale

Glyde is an innovative platform revolutionizing the top of funnel in recruiting using advanced AI. Glyde transforms the candidate experience improving outcomes for candidates and hiring teams at scale. Glyde creates a positive engagement for more talent than any human could, identifies more suitable candidates faster and delivers actionable results to your recruiters.


Glyde combines point solutions into a seamless candidate experience at the top of the funnel.

Glyde Attract

Glyde Screen

Glyde Reach

Improved Candidate Engagement

Candidates love the process of interaction with a virtual recruiter

Glyde partners with leading ATS providers. Our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing tech stack to provide a unified recruitment workflow…

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At Glyde we are Brave in our appetite to explore the unconventional or new ideas, to fight for the righteous and uphold these values and elevate our colleagues; we demonstrate Integrity to our core, with a passion for Knowledge Sharing and empowering those around us; we declare loud with Confident Humility this knowledge, values and success; and we seek Understanding to enable clarity of communication, simplicity of solution and sharing the Glyde purpose.

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