how GLYDE workS

AI Powered Recruitment Automation

Our integrated attraction, engagement and intelligent screening solution will 3X qualified applicants and cut processing cost per applicant by over 70%


Simplify job advertising and automatically post optimized job descriptions

Define your ideal targeting parameters and budget allocation and we take care of the rest The system optimizes ad distribution and spend across channels to achieve maximum engagement within defined budgets. Performance is tracked comprehensively and optimized through machine learning.


Engage with all applicants with zero effort

Every candidate who applies receives personalized feedback on their resume and an invitation to have a conversation with a virtual recruiter to discuss the job and it’s requirements in more detail at a time of their choosing.


Candidates self-schedule a chat-based AI screening conversation.

The AI asks customized questions and assesses their answers to determine fit. Screening results and feedback sync to the ATS with detailed logs. Candidates can request a human review where required.


Reengage past candidates with automated, personalized campaigns.

Recruiters select relevant candidates from the ATS. Glyde generates tailored emails and texts for each person based on their background. Messages prompt further discussion and engagement with a virtual recruiter.

AI powered screening conversations

We engage every applicant with the opportunity to screen with an AI powered conversation. This proactive outreach converts over 40% of candidates into assessed talent within 12 hours of their application. By screening all applicants candidates we uncover over 3X more relevant candidates compared to traditional methods. Our inclusive approach improves outcomes for both candidates and companies.


24 hours to shortlists

Launch a job, receive applications, screen candidates and start presenting qualified candidates to hiring managers within 24 hours.


A unique blend of skills and insights

With over ten decades of collective experience in recruitment, technology, and entrepreneurship, the Glyde Talent team stands out for its proven track record and industry expertise across both recruitment software and recruitment operations.


Transforming job advertising with AI-driven efficiency. Glyde Attract seamlessly ingests job openings from an ATS, then optimizes and distributes them across multiple channels managing spend.


Redefining candidate engagement through personalized, AI-enabled outreach. Integrating with your ATS, identify and re-engage past candidates with tailored email and SMS campaigns.


Delivering immediate, comprehensive screening by engaging candidates in real-time interactions. As soon as a candidate applies, Glyde Screen’s AI initiates a detailed screening process for maximum response rates.

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