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Glyde is dedicated to ethical and responsible use of AI as well as supporting relevant legislation in it’s application.

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Glyde is integrated with the global leaders in Applicant Tracking and CRM systems

  • Bullhorn
  • Ashby
  • Salesforce

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Glyde is a candidate first company – dedicated to improving the hiring experience.

Candidate NPS 57

Staggering quality and candidate experience results, far surpassing industry benchmarks

Convert up to 60% of applicants

From applicant to screened and qualified with greater speed and conversion than any other means

Implement in hours, ROI in days

With innovative ways to implement and integration to leading ATS, be live in hours, not weeks and start seeing ROI

Glyde’s mission is to transform the recruitment journey by leveraging advanced artificial intelligence to refine the job discovery and hiring process.

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We aim to build meaningful relationships with millions of candidates, facilitating a connection-rich ecosystem where every application is not just processed but enhanced whilst putting candidates first.