Revolutionizing Recruitment Through AI-Powered Efficiency

The brainchild of Rod Smyth, Kelly Robinson and Shane Gray, industry veterans each with decades of experience, Glyde Talent was born out of a vision to transform recruitment.

Glyde envisions a future where talent acquisition is not just a process, but a journey of meaningful connections. Our vision is to create a world where millions of candidates and companies form synergistic relationships that go beyond the hire. We see a future shaped by AI-driven insights where every candidate is valued, every application is a pathway to growth, and every company is empowered to reach new heights with a diverse and dynamic workforce. At Glyde, we’re committed to pioneering a talent ecosystem that thrives on inclusivity, innovation, and the power of potential realized

Decades of experience building job distribution and advertising technology

Decades of experience in recruiting process and technology innovation

Decades of experience in recruitment marketing and Talent Acquisition

Real experience building staffing and Talent Acquisition

Defining Purpose

Core Values

At Glyde Talent we are Brave in our appetite to explore the unconventional or new ideas, to fight for the righteous and uphold these values and elevate our colleagues; we demonstrate Integrity to our core, with a passion for Knowledge Sharing and empowering those around us; we declare loud with Confident Humility this knowledge, values and our successes; and we seek Understanding to enable clarity of communication, simplicity of solution and sharing the Glyde purpose


Glyde’s mission is to transform the recruitment journey by leveraging advanced artificial intelligence to refine the job discovery and hiring process. We aim to build meaningful relationships with millions of candidates, facilitating a connection-rich ecosystem where every application is not just processed but enhanced whilst putting candidates first.


Maximize Your Reach, Minimize Your Effort

Glyde Talent, with its advanced AI-driven capabilities, offers a revolutionary approach to recruitment advertising. One of the standout features of Glyde is its ability to intelligently determine when enough qualified candidates have applied for a position and subsequently pause advertising. This ensures optimal use of recruitment resources and prevents the overflow of applications.


Better for everyone

Glyde Talent’s screening feature significantly enhances the candidate experience by offering every applicant an opportunity to be screened, while still allowing for self-selection in the recruitment process. This approach brings a more inclusive and respectful dimension to candidate engagement


Building Long-Term Candidate Relationships

Glyde Reach stands out as an exceptional solution for engaging with qualified candidates already within an organization’s network. It effectively leverages existing databases to reconnect with candidates, making it an invaluable tool for tapping into a previously underutilized resource.


Glyde partners with leading ATS providers. Our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing tech stack to provide a unified recruitment workflow…

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