Next Generation Recruiting

Glyde Talent Platform

Glyde Talent is an advanced AI-powered recruiting platform that revolutionizes the way organizations attract, engage, and screen talent. Designed to automate 70% of the top-of-the-funnel recruitment process, Glyde Talent offers a suite of tools – Glyde Attract, Glyde Reach, and Glyde Screen – that work seamlessly to enhance recruitment efficiency and effectiveness.

High-Volume Recruitment

For organizations facing the challenge of processing thousands of applications, Glyde Talent automates the screening process, ensuring quick and effective candidate assessment. This is especially useful in sectors like retail, healthcare, and technology, where high-volume hiring is common.

Engaging Passive Candidates

Glyde Reach effectively re-engages candidates who have previously shown interest or interacted with the company, thereby tapping into a valuable pool of potential applicants.

Improving Candidate Quality

By utilizing Glyde Screen, companies can ensure that only the most suitable candidates are moved forward in the recruitment process, enhancing the overall quality of hires.

Reducing Recruitment Costs

With Glyde Attract, organizations can optimize their advertising spend, reducing the cost per application while reaching a broader, more targeted audience.

Glyde Attract uses advanced AI to enhance your job definition, programatically distribute and manage advertising budgets

AI Enhanced Job companion for recruiters. Target the number of suitable candidates, not volume for quality management

  • Candidate Quality managed programatic advertising
  • Provides feedback and suggestions on Job specifications
  • Enhances the advertising
  • Programatic job advert distribution to major job boards
  • The only success controlled programatic advertising solution

Compelling candidate conversations at scale

Employs cutting-edge AI technology to automate the candidate screening process, ensuring efficient evaluation and selection of the most suitable candidates for further consideration. Glyde enhances the precision of candidate evaluations, ensuring that the most relevant and qualified candidates are identified and moved forward in the recruitment process.

Enhance your tech stack with Glyde Reach

Glyde Reach

Glyde reach provides the power of AI outreach and screening within your ATS

Glyde Reach enables recruiters to create and send hyper personalised outreach campaigns, track responses and screen candidates with just a click.

Glyde Reach integrates sophisticated AI technology to automate and personalize candidate engagement, enhancing outreach efforts and maximizing recruitment effectiveness. Use AI to create and send tailored communication to candidates, ensuring relevant and engaging interactions.

  • Hyper Personalized Automated Outreach
  • Integrates with your match, messaging and automation tools
  • Fast learning curve delivers results in hours
  • Efficient Candidate Re-engagement
  • Optimized Recruitment Marketing
  • Data-Driven Candidate Targeting

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